Hey, I'm the guy who made Rent A Chair a thing!
There was a time when salon Rent A Chair was prohibited in most Australian States ... Until Now!

Not having the option to generate income from unoccupied chairs seemed illogical and unfair. So I decided to see if I could find a legitimate way to circumnavigate the award, period. The process would have to be easy to do and compliant. As it turns out, there is a way and it's known as a Micro Salon Business Model. So, the
option to Rent A Chair in your salon is in fact, up to you.
But, it is a thing!
The Micro Salon
Business Model Course
This course shows you how to bypass the Fair Work Commission, (FWC), award and operate a compliant Rent A Chair salon in any state of Australia..
The concept around a chair!
I developed this course over ten years ago when I became the first salon owner to be approved to operate a Micro Salon business model. I put it online in the event it could be of service to those wanting to do the same. To date, it's been purchased by hundreds of operators across Australia. Hair salons, beauty salons, day spas, barber shops, and tattoo studios. Anywhere unoccupied space can be put to good use. It has the potential to shift how you do business for the better. In short, it relies on becoming a great landlord and providing a super cool environment for your renters rather than having to be the boss of all things. A welcomed change for some.

If you've ever wanted to Rent A Chair and do it right, then this is the only way. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on the in-side ... Cleve.
What you'll learn and how it works
Step by Step guide
This course will guide you through the process of creating your own Micro Salon Business Model via what is known as a Private ruling.
Private ruling application
You'll learn that a Private ruling is a free service offered by the Australian Tax Office, how it works, and how to apply for yours.
Compliance template
I've also enclosed the same ruling applied by other salon owners, and you'll learn of the individual business practices that make compliance possible.
Rent, Stock & Retail contracts
I'll show you the rental/stock/retail possibilities so you can negotiate the best terms for you and your renters.
Plus many templated contracts/agreements.
This course is for...

Hair and beauty salons, day spas, barber shops, and tattoo studio owners in any State of Australia, or pretty much any business governed by an award.
This course solves a particular problem. Not limited to, here are two primary scenarios salon owners have shared over the years.
10+ years as a salon owner, almost had enough....
These guys are tired! Slugging away behind the chair to cover the wages and expense shortfall of underperforming staff has become a lifestyle and often a health issue. They'd like to get out from under this predicament. Yet walking away or closing down has meant carrying debt, and the thought of having to join someone else's salon is as unfathomable as the debt. They'd thought of renting chairs but weren't sure if it could be done quickly given they were running out of steam.

2 to 5 years as a salon owner seeking fair compensation.
These guys see the concept as an opportunity to rent enough chairs to cover the operating expenses and take home what they've personally generated. A $2000, $3000 or $4000 a week stylist/colourist can take this home as income. It's a model that (possibly for the first time for them) would pay them an income proportionate to their time and energy. More days on the floor equals more revenue, fewer days... less! But the choice and income possibilities are the motivating factors for these guys.
Six steps to approval
Get started
Immediately after purchase, you'll land on the 'over the shoulder' video orientation on how to get started. Watch the entire training from beginning to end. 55 minutes.
Download application template
Print and reference the done for you Private Ruling template. This is an exact copy of the business model myself and other salon owners have used! 15 minutes.
Define your Micro Salon structure
Develop your new business structure, borrow, (copy and paste), from the ''done for you' template or combine them both. Two to three weeks doing your own due diligence, research and finessing your offering to your new stylist/renters.
Mail application to ATO
Once you've defined your unique business structure, you'll copy this into the Private Ruling application and mail to the ATO. 1 hour.
Develop your rental packages
Use the three to four week period the ATO will take processing the application to prepare your rental packages and begin scoping out your next steps like advertising for renters, negotiating with existing stylist's, etc.
Celebrate and kick off
When your approval arrives from the ATO, you're all set and done with the compliant part. Celebrate in your own way but you'll be ready to begin a new stage in your business career. Enjoy!
Course content
13 Video tutorials
4 PDF eBooks +
12 PDF & Word doc templates
1 Text document reference
2 Hours
Loving it...
Don't get ready... Get started!
You're only one click away from the information required to start operating a Rent A Chair salon...I'll see you on the in-side!


This course shows you how to bypass the FWC award and set up a compliant Rent A Chair business model in any salon, in any state of Australia.
your 120 day money back guarantee... guaranteed!
If you're rejected, or this system fails you for any reason, a courteous, prompt, and full refund will be made.
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